Straightforward and efficient air conditioner service here for Concord West customers. Licensed HVAC service technicians will do the emergency repair or scheduled maintenance. Here at ACG Service & Maintenance we have 15+ years of history and operation. Rest assured everything will be done promptly, neatly and professionally. Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 for a prompt air conditioner repair and maintenance service.

Air conditioning service Concord West 24/7

Through those years we’ve already serviced a number of houses, workplaces, schools, restaurants, pubs, hotels and even healthcare facilities. Our experienced technicians are always fast to figure out the problem and fix it right away.

Whether it’s a problem about the unusual smell, heat, noise or leak coming from the unit or duct, we can fix it right away. The goal is to bring back the system’s perfect function and help with maintaining its efficiency as well.

We service the entire Concord West including places near Hospital Road, Concord Rd, King St and Yaralla Street. Our licensed HVAC service technicians will immediately respond and act to your concern. If it’s scheduled maintenance, we will be thorough in the inspection as well as in cleaning or maintaining the relevant parts and components of the AC.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Concord West

Our team regularly repairs and services both split and ducted systems under the world-leading brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Samsung, Actron Air, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi. Through our maintenance we’ve helped both residential and commercial customers save money in the long run through better energy efficiency and longer useful lifetimes of their ACs.

When it comes to repairs, we do it properly so that the system will run perfectly and efficiently again. Our goal is to minimise the downtime and interruption so that our customers can quickly move forward with their day. If the system is already old and it makes practical sense to replace it instead, we can advise you about a new unit suitable for your site.

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 for a prompt air conditioner repair and maintenance service. Here at ACG Service & Maintenance you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise in making ACs running good again.