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Like all things electrical, maintenance is important when it comes to air conditioning systems. At ACG Service and Maintenance we help clients keep their air conditioning operating at maximum efficiency 365 days a year. Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning system will suffer in both performance and efficiency, and it may even be at risk of premature failure.

With more than 15 years experience working on residential and commercial air conditioning systems, the HVAC maintenance technicians at ACG Service and Maintenance are the team you can trust to keep your air conditioning running at its best. We recommend maintenance be carried out quarterly, but in some cases you may be able to extend the intervals and we will advise accordingly.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we offer 5 years parts and labour warranty at no extra cost.

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The friendly and professional HVAC technicians at ACG Service and Maintenance are standing by, ready to tailor a thorough maintenance program for your air conditioning unit.

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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Air conditioning systems are an investment, and as a home or business owner the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about maintenance or experiencing a complete breakdown. Our maintenance program is for regular servicing of both domestic and commercial air conditioning units.

The first step is to carry out a comprehensive assessment and service of your air conditioning systems. Following this, we can design a customised contract specifically for you. Contracts go for 12 month, and automatically roll over unless we are advised otherwise in advance.

You will receive a reminder prior to each scheduled maintenance visit, and your system details will be logged on our database, so we have a record of any issues or repairs which have been carried out.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance will Benefit You by:

  • Maintaining healthy air quality through removing dust, allergens, and dirt etc.
  • Improving the AC system reliability and energy efficiency
  • Reducing the likelihood of the system developing faults, or breaking down
  • Keeping operating costs to a minimum and maintaining peak performance

Some of the Things Your Technician Will Do During a Service:

Split & Multi Air Conditioning Systems

  • Clean the exposed parts of the outdoor unit
  • Check the controller and ensure the system is working properly
  • Ensure there is satisfactory air flow in and around the system
  • Clean the grille and the face cover
  • Check the system gas level and running pressure is within specifications
  • Ensure condensate drains are in good condition
  • Check for blocked filters and removing debris as necessary
  • Thorough clean including removal of leaves and debris around outdoor unit
  • Clear any debris away from the outdoors part of the unit
  • Clean away mould and bacteria
  • Check operating temperatures are safe
  • Replace or clean old filters
  • Check the electrical systems are safe
  • Inspect the condition of the condenser coil/s
  • Inspect all electrical components for wear, corrosion, and other potential failures

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems usually take 30-90mins to service, per system, dependent on the size and location of the serviceable parts (some parts may be harder to get to than others):

  • Check the operation of the different zones and motors
  • Check the compressor and condenser fan operation
  • Inspect the condition of the condenser coils
  • Inspect all electrical components are in good physical condition
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor unit
  • Check all functions are operating correctly via the controller
  • Reset clock if required
  • Check the air flow is unrestricted
  • Inspect and clean air grilles
  • Inspect and clean return air grilles and filters
  • Check the gas levels and running pressures are within specification
  • Check and clear condensate drains as required
  • Check and dust the operation of indoor fan motors
  • Check and clean the fan coil fins
  • Check the air duct system for leaks and issues


ACG are an extremely professional air conditioning company. Their technicians are punctual, knowledgable and offer excellent advice and service. My property management company began using their services 12 months ago and we continue to be impressed with their work day in and day out. If you need air conditioning installation, service and advice, these guys are the best in the business.
- Tanya Viner -
Hi Wade, I am very happy with the job done by your installer, Louis and his assistant, Dave. Equally very happy with your electrician, Robbie and his assistant. Their work is highly commendable. Your company exudes professionalism and efficiency to a high degree in terms of coming on the appointed date and time, installing 2 air conditioners, checking on the wiring of the 4 other air conditioners and finishing the work in just a day. This is the second time I hired your services - Firstly my home and secondly, my son's home. In both cases you have met and exceeded our expectations. All the best!
- Juan Juarez -02/03/2020
The entire ACG team are brilliant in every aspect of customer service experience. Ease of inquiries, friendly and responsive online response and phone calls. The team of Ibrahim and Jake accompanied by their boss Wade came to my home this afternoon to ensure they can complete the last job for the day. Despite running behind schedule, the guys were courteous, hard working and takes great pride in their quality workmanship and respectful of customer's home. Highly recommended and trusted company. Thank you for a positive experience.
- James Lim -10/03/2020

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