Wifi Offer

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Want an app to control your air conditioner from any location at any time? Simply upgrade today from $499.

This price is to supply and install 1 x Daikin Airbase (compatible with Daikin ducted systems only) this product is subject to Daikin ducted systems which are compatible with BRP15B61
This price is subject to safe access to complete the works
The price is Sydney metro areas only Subject to stock availability

Air Filter & Sanitiser

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter

Introducing our new offer! Replace your air conditioner filter from $250. Not only does it improve the air quality, but it also reduces energy consumption.

AirClean Filters – replace our aircon filter. For $250 inc. GST. we will supply & Install 1 x airclean filter + 1 x airclean sanitiser
Terms & Conditions:
– Sydney metro
– This is for panel filters only
– Ducted systems only
– Subject to safe and accessible access
– Size of standard filters include: 550 x 550, 600 x 400, 750 x 550, 900 x 400, 900 x 500, 900 x 950, 1150 x 550
– Customer filters will be an additional $110 to supply and install