Does Air Conditioning Affect Learning?

If it’s too hot, too cold or generally uncomfortable, it can be really difficult to learn and focus. After all, whenever we feel the discomfort, our brains constantly remind us to do something about it. This interrupts our flow, which is crucial to completing mentally demanding tasks.

Does air conditioning affect learning

The short answer is yes because discomfort causes interruption. Although motivation and discipline are also factors, we still need to make things a bit easier for us especially when it comes to learning. It’s also the case with children who might find it hard to focus on a lesson. If there’s one more thing to think or worry about, we actually make it harder for them to learn.

Our environment influences us more than we realise, which is why there are now professionals and consultants who specialise in workplace design and ergonomics. There should be an environment that facilitates work ethics and professionalism in the first place. Constant reminders about hard work and results are still important, but it’s also important to pay attention to what the workplace looks and feels like.

It’s also the case in classrooms or where children study at home. The environment should make it easy for students and children to learn and focus. Although it’s hard to actually measure the environment’s effects, when we think about focus and discomfort it becomes much easier to realise. The results might be difficult or impossible to quantify, but they can still make a huge difference to people’s everyday lives.

For example, a reliable air conditioner (top brand, always being maintained) can help learning a bit easier. The discomfort is a distraction and there are already too many distractions in our environment and because of uncertainties. But if we remove the discomfort, we then have fewer things to think about, which then make it a bit easier to focus on things that matter.