How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

In the unpredictable Australian climate, having an air conditioning is always essential. If you’ve recently invested into an air con supply framework you probably understand that it’s a significant investment for most, and you might be wondering what you can do to ensure your unit runs as smoothly as possible to secure your investment for the long term. The following guide is a staple for looking after your ac unit so you can avoid unnecessary repairs when possible. By following these steps you’ll also ensure your air supply is clean and forceful enough to make the difference needed in your home.

Clean or Replace Your Filter every 45-90 Days

How regularly you should change or clean the filter of your air conditioner depends on how frequently you’re using the unit as well as the environment around your house. When dust, dirt and debris are sucked into an air conditioner’s air supply, they are trapped by a filtration mesh at the back of the unit before air is passed through ducting to the conditioner. Over time, detritus accumulates to a large extent on the filter and can make it difficult for proper air supply to be provided with enough force. By using a wet rag, you can absorb most of the dust coating your filter. Ensure the mesh is as clean as possible before using a soft-head vacuum attachment to suction all the remaining debris from the filter. Alternatively, the Air Con Guys stock replacement filters for all our units.

Maintain Full Refrigerant

The chemical ingredient responsible for cooling the air supply to your home is called refrigerant, or, freon. The refrigerant in your air con depletes over time and without topping up, your cooling is likely to be ineffective and not breathe sufficient cold air into your house. If you notice the air supply is a little warmer than you’d like it to be and you’ve tried adjusting the temperature to what’s proper, contact a professional at Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance for an inspection and replacement of your freon.

Clean Dust From The Condenser and Supply Fans

Dust will always build up over time on any domestic surface, air conditioning condensers notwithstanding. This can pose a health problem for residents of your home when dust is being transported across your house by the force of your air conditioning. When inhaled, dust can cause respiratory problems that can very quickly become more serious in sensitive people. By using a coil cleaner, you can flush out dust from between the condenser’s fins and maintain good respiratory health at all times.

The same principle applies to the fans included in your air con’s air supply unit. If left dusty, these can transport particles into your air filter which contribute to its state of disrepair. By cleaning the blades of the air supply fan with a wet rag when needed you ensure your wellbeing.

Call the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance for all repairs to your residential or commercial ac unit.