How We Help You Save Electricity With Your Air Conditioner

When investigating purchase of your brand-new air conditioning unit, you probably recall advertising messages of ‘increased efficiency’ and ‘savings on power bills’. While this is useful industry jargon for businesses to convey value with, most consumers won’t understand the finer details of optimising air conditioning supply with the intention of shaving off a substantial figure from your quarterly bill. This article details best practice in improving energy efficiency to your air conditioning supply. We think it will be useful to our clients because most don’t realise that your air conditioning is actually the biggest consumer of electricity out of any household appliance!

Set Your Temperature Slightly Higher

Cooling a house takes more energy than heating one, due to the strong current needed to activate refrigerant that keeps the air cool. This summer, rather than employing a climate that feels like Autumn, it’s a good idea to raise the temperature of your air conditioning from between 21°C and 23°C to 24°C or 25°C. The extra degree in difference won’t be all that evident as you splay about the house, but will offer substantial savings when it comes time to pay your power bill. The same principle applies during Winter time. To summarise, never forget that removing or adding clothes is a far cheaper alternative to adjusting the temperature indoors via air con.

Only Cool the Areas You Use

There’s absolutely no point using or even installing an air conditioner in a room that rarely gets used. I’m talking about attics and basements, especially, although garages and spare rooms come to mind too. Most multi split system and multi ducted system air conditioning frameworks are adjustable via the central control unit to only work in rooms specified by you. This ensures your air flow is used only when needed and that you won’t be forking out the additional, unnecessary expense of keeping your entire house regulated at all times. If you live in a big house, it’s worth considering these framework alternatives to single unit air con supply.

Invest in AC Replacement Components

We recommend that all our clients get their residential air conditioners serviced once per year and their commercial air con serviced twice per year. During service callouts, an expert technician will swap out old electrical components and refrigerant, which will facilitate electrical flow to a better extent than old, worn-out wiring can. Electron flow wears down wires, resistors and breakers, so replace your wires regularly to ensure optimum performance.

Call The Air Con Guys Today!

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