Is It Important to Clean the Air Conditioning Filters?

Clean filters also mean cleaner air as well as lower running costs and higher energy efficiency. That’s because the air conditioning unit won’t need to work harder. Everything’s a bit smoother and you also gain peace of mind about the air you breathe the entire day or night you’re at home.

Is it really important to clean the air conditioning filters?

When we think about the whole day or whole night operation of air conditioners, we then realise how fast dirt and grime can build up. It takes only a single month for the filters to get unsightly and dirty. As a result, it’s important that every month the filters are getting cleaned.

Yes, it’s another task to be done and remembered every busy month. But the results could be worth it especially when you prioritise cleanliness, efficiency and peace of mind. Although the results won’t be that great (or even noticeable), the positive effects can truly accumulate every day and for several months to come.

With regular cleaning of the filters, you also lower the risk of costly breakdowns. Dirt and dust might find their way into sensitive parts, which can then compromise their performance and function. Instead of having the unit still functional for three more years or saving money from repairs, you spend more to buy a new unit or have it repaired. That money could have been used for leisure or something of high value to you and your family.

It sounds a lot of work especially because you have to locate, wash and dry the filter. You also have to remind yourself to do it each month. Yes, you will forget it sometimes or just prefer doing something else. As a result, it might help to ask professionals instead. If they do it for you (and perhaps send you a reminder about the maintenance schedule), it becomes a bit easier. You also make sure that cleaning the air conditioning filters gets done regularly.

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