Is It Safe Now to Have My Air Conditioner Installed?

You might be worried about your health and safety especially because of new respiratory threats. However, you really need to have a new air conditioner installed because lately you’re staying at home for almost the whole day.

Is it safe now to have my air conditioner installed?

Tradespeople’s services are essential, which is why they’re still allowed to come and work in residential and commercial premises. After all, air conditioning is not just about comfort but also about our health. In addition, it’s just impossible to stay at home for the entire day if it’s uncomfortable inside. But if it’s comfortable, it will be easier to stay safe and healthy inside our homes.

Business restrictions are here to prevent or slow down transmission of COVID-19. The goal is to limit contact while still allowing key services and professionals to function. In air conditioning, it’s important that professionals still do their jobs in installing, repairing and maintenance. There are risks and when it comes to coronaviruses, still we need to find out more. As a result, the government issues directives to minimise those risks. Air conditioning technicians follow these directives to limit the risks and help customers gain peace of mind.

For your peace of mind, it helps to ask the technician about what will happen during the installation including how long it will take and what are the steps. You should do this through the phone to minimise contact and risks. On the day of installation, there should be a hand sanitiser, physical distancing should be practiced and you should be out of the way. There should be a huge space for the technician to work on (prepare the area and move the furniture and other objects). This way, the technician can quickly do the job and minimise movement and contact. After the installation, make sure that the contact surfaces are disinfected (including the unit and remote control).

You can enquire here at ACG Service & Maintenance about installation. If you phone us today at 02 8021 3735, we will thoroughly explain what will happen and what measures we apply to minimise risks.