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Alexandria is one of the most interesting places to live in all of New South Wales, featuring a vast range of architectural homes and commercial enterprise alike. There are tall apartment buildings, Victorian-style terrace houses, standalones and more modern creations. There are also plenty of pubs, restaurants, shopping centres, parks, and much more to be found in this inner-city suburb. It’s a very diverse neighbourhood.

People who are thinking about moving to Alexandria are going to find that there are a number of places available to move in to. From one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom homes, Alexandria has it all. There is also plenty of night life entertainment to be found in the city close by so newcomers are sure to be kept busy for years to come.

Yearly or Biannual Air Conditioning Service Alexandria

For each private unit, we propose upkeep’s done once per year consistently. For specialty units with progressively conspicuous yield, we propose a half-yearly enlistment. We are an ARC Tick affirmed business and are permitted to perform organizations depicted by maker rules without voiding your assurance. By relying upon ACG Service and Maintenance as a trusted accessory, you enable yourself to acknowledge controlled air comfort in your home 365 days, every year.

What Happens at an Air Conditioning Maintenance Call-Out

Cooling system administration in Alexandria consolidates a thorough assessment of your structure to choose its condition and the working furthest reaches of all of its parts. Our Alexandria cooling organization expert will check your breeze current, catches, flame broil/face plastic and channels, gas and refrigerant levels and surface grime. The whole of this is done to dodge:

  • Mould and microbes.
  • Blocked condensate channels.
  • Dusty channels.
  • Debris develop around open air unit.
  • We assess each excellent situation expertly and modify our help routine to the condition of your atmosphere control framework. Our HVAC specialists each convey an exhaustive once-over of additional parts and cleaning instruments and will generally take an hour to help your cooling structure, dependent upon its size and thing variety.

100% Guaranteed Air Conditioning Repairs

Air con frameworks can isolate at the untimeliest second. From the height of Summer to the focal point of Winter, there’s nothing more unfortunate than persevering through an insufficiently working or absolutely dead atmosphere control framework. Help is only a call away. If your warming or cooling limit is reduced or you’re seeing odd fragrances or water spillage, call us today for an atmosphere control framework organization call-out in Alexandria.


During an aircon service call-out we will perform the following tasks:

  • Removal of Mould and Bacteria
  • Checking Operating Temperatures
  • Replacing Old Filters
  • Checking Electrical Safety
  • Check Controllers
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Condensing Coil Temperature
  • Check Temperature Controls (isolators and remotes)
  • Ensuring Condensate Drains are in Good Condition
  • Checking for Blocked Filters and Removing Debris as Necessary
  • Thorough Clean including Removal of Leaves and Debris around Outdoor Unit

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