Contact us here at ACG for a prompt air conditioning service including emergency repairs and timely maintenance. More than 15 years in the business and our licensed HVAC technicians will ensure perfect functioning of the split or ducted system.

Air conditioning service Abbotsford 24/7

Through those years we’ve serviced residential, commercial, educational and healthcare premises. As a result we’ve built a solid reputation which enabled our rapid growth in Sydney.

It’s best to call us right away at 02 9131 3885 if you notice any of these problems:

Fast action is required on those so that you can still save your AC system and prevent more expensive problems. We will solve the problem fast and make sure you won’t encounter the same issue anytime soon.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Abbotsford

We service the entire Abbotsford including places near Battersea Park, Quarantine Reserve, Great N Rd, Wynston Parade, Hampden Rd and Fig Tree Ave. With our varied experience working on simple and complex HVAC systems in residential and commercial premises, you can benefit from our efficiency and cost control. You also get the most out of your system because everything’s running smoothly.

During quarterly maintenance (might vary depending on your requests and requirements) we will thoroughly inspect and clean the filters, outdoor units, condenser coils, grilles, ducts and other parts and components. Aside from maintaining the energy efficiency, it’s also about ensuring good indoor air quality.

Phone us now at 02 9131 3885 and the ACG Service & Maintenance will handle it professionally. Our responsive in-house technicians are always ready to take action to make sure your AC system is running perfectly.