We do emergency air conditioner repairs and prompt maintenance here at ACG. Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 if you require rapid response and professional action. Our licensed HVAC service technicians will quickly pinpoint the problem and fix it right away so you can get back to sleep or your work.

Air conditioning service Burwood 24/7

We do quick response and action because AC breakdowns are emergencies. The discomfort whether it’s too hot or too cold can actually affect people’s health especially if they already have compromised cardiovascular systems. In businesses, AC breakdowns result in costly downtimes and lost sales and opportunities.

Here at ACG Service & Maintenance we promptly solve the following:

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 if you notice any of those problems. You should shut down the unit first and wait for our response and arrival. This way you can still save the unit and avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Burwood

When it comes to timely maintenance for optimal function and good indoor air quality we often do the following:

It’s a thorough inspection and maintenance to ensure the system’s optimal functioning whether it’s a split or ducted system. We service residences and commercial sites in places at or near the Milton St, Hornsey St, Sunbeam Ave, Clifton Ave, Lucas Road, Burwood Post Office, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Westfield Burwood and Parramatta Rd.

Whether it’s air conditioner maintenance or emergency repair, you’ll benefit from our more than 15 years of technical experience. Through those years we’ve encountered all possible scenarios and solved them all for our customers. Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 and the ACG Service & Maintenance will be prompt and professional in completing the job.