Licensed HVAC service technicians here always ready to do emergency air conditioner repairs and prompt maintenance. The ACG Service & Maintenance team will make sure the unit will run smoothly and efficiently again. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of residential and commercial HVAC experience.

Air conditioning service Canterbury 24/7

We service the entire Canterbury area including places at or near the Racecourse, King Street, Church St, Close St, Broughton St and Canterbury Road. Our team of licensed and experienced HVAC professionals have already serviced both residential and commercial premises including restaurants, hotels, schools and even healthcare facilities.

Whether it’s an emergency call out or a scheduled or quarterly maintenance you can always expect a prompt service. We have our own in-house technicians (ACG Service & Maintenance has more than 100 active personnel) who are always ready to fix AC problems for residential and commercial customers.

We’re always quick to figure out the cause of air conditioner problems such as weak airflow, burning smell, weird noises and unusual heat and water leaks. Most of the time we solve these problems on the same day to minimise the downtime and get rid of the inconvenience (and the customers can get busy somewhere else already).

Air conditioner repair and maintenance Canterbury

Prompt action is crucial because AC breakdowns affect the occupants’ focus, productivity and health. Timely maintenance is also crucial because we now prioritise maintaining a good indoor air quality for the people’s respiratory health (avoid build-up of dust, debris, mould and allergens). Energy efficiency is also a priority because energy bills are always going up.

Here at ACG Service & Maintenance we do a thorough inspection and maintenance so that everything’s on top condition. Natural wear and tear as well as dirt build-up quickly happen especially because we’re always busy and tend to forget what works up there all day long. Our air conditioning systems get the least attention but they still play a huge role in our everyday activities. Then suddenly it breaks down and comfort levels are down.

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 if you want to bring back or maintain the comfort levels in your home, workplace or business. Here at ACG Service & Maintenance our licensed HVAC technicians are always responsive and action-oriented.