For a prompt AC service whether it’s repair or maintenance you can always count on us here at ACG Service & Maintenance. Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 and we’ll immediately send a licensed HVAC service technician or a team whether you’re at your home or place of business in Croydon.

Air conditioning service Croydon 24/7

We service the entire suburb including areas at or near the Shubra Hall, Croydon Sewer Vent, around the railway station, Parramatta Road, Queen St, Paisley Rd, Devonshire St, Wetherill St or Arthur St. Customers often choose us because of our responsiveness and fast action.

We’ve been into fast action for more than 15 years. This allowed us to grow our capacity, reach more areas and service more residential and commercial customers. Through those years we’ve already serviced a number of homes, offices, schools, shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, entertainment venues and healthcare facilities.

For split and ducted systems we do the following:

Air conditioner repair and maintenance Croydon

Prompt repair and maintenance is crucial in minimising downtimes and prolonging the useful lifetime and operation of your AC system. In businesses those downtimes result in loss of valuable sales and opportunities (as well as lower productivity or business disruption). In homes AC breakdowns can actually affect people’s sleep and overall health.

Air conditioning has been a basic requirement and service in this busy modern living. Any breakdown can disrupt a huge part of our day or night whether we’re just sleeping or doing something productive and worthwhile. It’s important then that any problem is immediately attended to and that most of the problems are being prevented in the first place.

Here at ACG Service & Maintenance we do all that using our long experience and deep expertise. Our licensed professionals pay attention to detail and make sure the highest standards are being met. Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 if you require a professional air conditioner service.