We do prompt AC repairs and maintenance to restore comfort levels in Darlinghurst residential and commercial premises. Our goal is also to help maintain good indoor air quality and overall AC energy efficiency.

Air conditioning service Darlinghurst 24/7

Phone us now at 02 9131 3885 and the ACG Service & Maintenance will be quick to act and respond. Whether you’re at or near the Australian Museum of Magical Arts, St Peter’s Church, Pullman Sydney Hyde Park, St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst Gaol, Oxford Street or The Horizon, right away we can send a technician or an entire team to complete the job.

With more than 15 years of history and solid reputation, many customers in Darlinghurst and the surrounds choose us because of our efficiency and technical know-how. Our licensed HVAC service technicians have already diagnosed and solved AC problems in homes, apartment buildings, offices, shops, schools and industrial facilities.

We’ve completed more than 5,000 projects already and we use that experience to make our service more efficient for everyone. Whether it’s just a dirty filter, faulty wiring, weird smell coming out of the unit or a total breakdown of the air conditioner, we have the capabilities and qualifications to get the job done.
Air conditioning repair and maintenance Darlinghurst.

We inspect, clean, repair and maintain filters, compressors, coils, drains, electrical components, ducts, air grilles and the indoor and outdoor units of air conditioners. This is to maintain good indoor air quality, remove dust and allergens, improve system reliability and prevent inconvenient breakdowns, improve efficiency and keep the operating costs of AC to a minimum.

Phone us now at 02 9131 3885 and the ACG Service & Maintenance will quickly do the repair and servicing. We service the entire Darlinghurst and surrounds. A technician or a team will be there right away to bring back the AC’s perfect functioning and restore the comfort levels in residential and commercial premises.