No matter where you are in Erko we’ll do the needed AC repair or maintenance promptly and efficiently. Anytime you call we can send a technician right away whether it’s a residence or a place of business (phone us at 02 8021 3735).

Air conditioning service Erskineville 24/7

Whether you’re at or near the Oval, Ashmore St, Concorde St, Sydney Park Village, Norfolk St or somewhere around Woolworths, the ACG Service & Maintenance will be quick to take action. Whether it’s a problem with the AC’s filter, operating temperature, coils, outdoor unit or compressor, an experienced technician will promptly do the necessary repair.

Whether it’s a weird smell or noise coming out of the AC, you noticed a leak or the AC doesn’t just perform as expected, give us a call and we’ll quickly get to the root of the problem. Our licensed HVAC service technicians will thoroughly inspect the unit and make sure the problem will be fixed (same day in almost all cases).

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Erskineville

You’ll benefit from our more than 15 years of professional experience. Through those years we’ve seen it all and accomplished them all successfully. Whether it’s a residence, apartment building, hotel, shop, office or an industrial facility, we have the capabilities and qualifications to complete the job.
The goal is to prevent costly breakdowns and interruptions. A one-hour downtime of the AC can result in lost sleep, money, customers and opportunities. It’s crucial to act right away to avoid those problems and keep them from getting worse and more expensive in the first place.

If you require fast and professional action, the Air Conditioning Guys are here to save the day and make sure everything’s done right. We follow the latest and highest standards so that you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon. Our team also works neatly so that the site will remain clean.
Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 if you want to quickly move forward with your day. AC has been our focus for years and our goal is to make our Erko customers’ lives a bit easier in these fast-paced and uncertain times.