Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Bossley Park

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Bossley Park is situated 36km West of the Sydney Central Business District. Close to the popular Fairfield Vietnamese community, Bossley Park facilitates a domestic lifestyle, with supermarkets, cafes and restaurants located across the suburb. Bossley Park can get hot in Summer and the opposite in Winter so best prepare yourself by talking to your resident air conditioning experts.

For all air con repairs and maintenance services in Bossley Park, contact the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance for a rapid turnaround on repairs and a 100% lifespan guarantee on all parts and workmanship. Our maintenance programs assist in maintaining healthy air quality by removing dust and allergens from the internal mechanics of your ac supply. We improve reliability and energy efficiency by switching out components when needed and reduce your risk of encountering premature breakdowns within your ac unit.

Preventative Aircon Maintenance

Our preventative aircon maintenance programs we help our clients keep their air conditioning operating at maximum capacity all-year-round. We offer each new customer the chance to subscribe to our regular maintenance plan, which includes an annual service for residential ac and biannual service for commercial ac maintenance. We will notify you before each appointment and keep a service record of our work to ensure best performance on our behalf. Without regular maintenance, your ac system will suffer in both performance and efficiency and may fail prematurely.

Aircon Service Bossley Park

If you’re searching for “Aircon service near me” in Bossley Park, you’re in the right place. We provide all manufacturer-recommended services on air con units in Bossley Park, whether residential or commercial. With professional and courteous service, we carry out the work your air conditioner needs to remain healthy and provide clean and pure air supply 365 days a year. We service all ducted, reverse cycle, split system and other air con units sold by major manufacturers at your site. Call us today. You won’t regret it and will enjoy peace of mind from the minute we finish the job.

Air Conditioner Repair Service Bossley Park

Regardless of whether its due to lack of maintenance, overheating, block or dirty components or empty refrigerants, or just general wear and tear, air conditioners can break on no notice for no reason whatsoever. If you’re noticing strange aromas or liquid leaking from your air con unit it’s best to contact us right away to prevent further damage to the unit and your property, and, of course, to ensure your air supply is the best available at all times.


During an aircon service call-out we will perform the following tasks:

  • Removal of Mould and Bacteria
  • Checking Operating Temperatures
  • Replacing Old Filters
  • Checking Electrical Safety
  • Check Controllers
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Condensing Coil Temperature
  • Check Temperature Controls (isolators and remotes)
  • Ensuring Condensate Drains are in Good Condition
  • Checking for Blocked Filters and Removing Debris as Necessary
  • Thorough Clean including Removal of Leaves and Debris around Outdoor Unit

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