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Punchbowl is a residential suburb in Sydney’s southwest, 27km from the CBD. The area is primed for future development with ongoing commercial development in the area and the ongoing potential for residential upgrades. Upgrades to Punchbowl schoolsand railway networks have similarly recently been put in motion which will certainly contribute to the value of the area.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential aircon unit, your air conditioning is an investment that should be properly maintained at all time by the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance. We perform service and maintenance callouts on an ongoing basis to ensure our Punchbowl customers’ air supply is clean and efficient. Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance are able to service your air con system Punchbowl-wide and provide a rapid and professional service always.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Punchbowl | Air Con Guys

For all residential units, we recommend a service one per year, but for commercial units with greater output, we recommend a bi-annual service check-up. We are an ARC Tick certified business and are permitted to perform services described by manufacturer guidelines without voiding your warranty. By relying on ACG Service & Maintenance as a trusted servicing partner, you enable yourself to enjoy climate-controlled comfort in your home 365 days per year.

What Happens at an Air Conditioning Maintenance Call-Out?

Air conditioning system services in Punchbowl include a comprehensive inspection of your framework to determine its condition and the operating capacity of all its parts. Our Punchbowl air conditioning service technician will check your air flow, button functionality, cleanliness of the grill/face cover and filters, gas and refrigerant levels and inspect for surface grime. All of this is done to avoid the following:

  • Mould and bacteria.
  • Blocked condensate drains.
  • Dusty filters.
  • Debris build-up around outdoor unit.

We assess each unique situation professionally and adapt our maintenance routine to the condition of your air conditioner. Our HVAC technicians each carry a comprehensive list of spare parts and cleaning tools and will generally take an hour to service your air conditioning framework depending on its size and product variant.

100% Guaranteed Air Conditioning Repairs

Air con frameworks can break down at the most inopportune moment. From the height of Summer to the middle of Winter, there’s nothing worse than suffering a poorly functioning or completely defunct air conditioner. Help is only a call away. If your heating or cooling ability is diminished or your noticing odd smells or water leakage, call us today for an air conditioner service call-out in Punchbowl.


During an aircon service call-out we will perform the following tasks:

  • Removal of Mould and Bacteria
  • Checking Operating Temperatures
  • Replacing Old Filters
  • Checking Electrical Safety
  • Check Controllers
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Condensing Coil Temperature
  • Check Temperature Controls (isolators and remotes)
  • Ensuring Condensate Drains are in Good Condition
  • Checking for Blocked Filters and Removing Debris as Necessary
  • Thorough Clean including Removal of Leaves and Debris around Outdoor Unit

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