Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Rockdale

Air conditioner repair is our forte and we have 15 years’ experience in air conditioner service. Contact us for all ac repair Rockdale – 02 8021 3735.

Rockdale is a charming little village neighbouring Kogarah, Bexley and Banksia. The area contains a mix of Mediterranean-style houses and medium-density apartment blocks nearby the train station. Many cafes, restaurants and bars popular with locals are located nearby, and the suburb has a shopping plaza full of necessary domestic amenities.

For all air conditioning framework fixes in Rockdale, call the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance today. We’ll play out the irreplaceable assignments required to keep your cooling unit working at perfect profitability all through the whole year. A get out will generally take 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending upon the size of your framework, and should be driven once annually, consistently, for each private unit and two times each year for larger business cooling units. We are approved and certified to play out all upkeep tasks laid out in your manufacturer’s guarantee.

Cooling Maintenance Rockdale

No-one has a lot of extra time, and it’s definitely not hard to disregard the seriousness of treating disrespectfully something that impacts the air quality we experience every day of life. By joining up to a standard help plan from ACG Service & Maintenance Rockdale, you can value authentic sentiments of tranquillity, understanding that your cooling system is sound and running as sensibly as could be expected. We help each of our individual clients to remember before each visit is rostered with a notice and we keep up a maintenance record to give solid future fixes.

100% Guaranteed Air Conditioning Repairs Rockdale

Despite the way that they’re provided with a 5-year producer’s assurance, cooling units separate here and there. This can be truly irritating if you’re experiencing the preposterous changes in Rockdale’s climate that are normal to Australia. Our ACG Service & Maintenance bunch have been working in Rockdale for ten-and-a-half years, and have seen all typical breakdown issues coming about as a result of everything from general mileage to squander in the fan belt and crazy atmospheric conditions. If you’ve purchased a cooling unit from ACG Residential, you can expand the assurance on the unit for no cost, so for all fixes, call us and we’ll examine your split unit right away.

Quick Air Conditioning Repair

If something is astray in your cooling supply, call the ACG Service and Maintenance today and we’ll transfer an open HVAC expert to you. Our team are prepared for organisation; to acknowledge your call and tailor a custom upkeep program for your cooling unit. We give a 100% affirmation on all work.

Service List

During an aircon service call-out we will perform the following tasks:

  • Removal of Mould and Bacteria
  • Checking Operating Temperatures
  • Replacing Old Filters
  • Checking Electrical Safety
  • Check Controllers
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Condensing Coil Temperature
  • Check Temperature Controls (isolators and remotes)
  • Ensuring Condensate Drains are in Good Condition
  • Checking for Blocked Filters and Removing Debris as Necessary
  • Thorough Clean including Removal of Leaves and Debris around Outdoor Unit

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