For prompt and professional air conditioner service phone us now at 02 8021 3735. Right away we’ll send an experienced technician wherever you are in Mascot and whether it’s a residential or commercial site. Same-day service available and we’ll do it quickly and efficiently.

Air conditioning service Mascot 24/7

Whether you just came home from the busy Botany Road, Mascot railway station, Qantas or Sydney Airport or you just want a peaceful sleep, you want the air conditioner to be running perfectly. But it really ruins the day if something’s wrong with the unit (lack of airflow, weird smell and noises, doesn’t cool enough, leaks).

Here at Air Conditioning Guys Service & Maintenance we will be quick to arrive and fix the problem. Whether it’s in your home or business we have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to completely get the job done.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance Mascot

Customers choose us because of our more than 15 years of professional experience. Our fully qualified and licensed HVAC service technicians pay attention to detail and make sure you won’t encounter the same problem anytime soon. We value people’s time so that they can quickly move forward with their busy day.

Some of the things we do are the following:
● Fixing air conditioner problems (lack of airflow, excessive heat, weird noises, burning smell because of faulty wiring, water leaks)
● Checking electrical safety, temperature controls and blocked filters
● Thorough cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units
● Removal of mould and bacteria
A perfectly functioning air conditioner means better respiratory health, sleep, focus, morale and productivity. It’s just easier to focus on more important things if we feel comfortable in the first place.

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 for a prompt air conditioner service (repairs, inspection, maintenance). The ACG Service & Maintenance will be quick to respond and act no matter where you are in Mascot and no matter what time you call.