We do prompt AC repairs and maintenance in Redfern homes, workplaces and places of business. Here at ACG Service & Maintenance we’ll do the job quickly and professionally so that you can move forward with your busy day.

Air conditioning service Redfern 24/7

No matter where you are in Redfern we’ll be quick to respond and act. A single hour of AC downtime and malfunction can make the occupants lose focus, sleep, productivity and morale. It can even compromise people’s health especially if it’s a hot summer afternoon. It’s crucial then to get the problem fixed right away before anything worse happens.

Whether you’re at or near the Redfern St, Australia Post, Woolworths, National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, Moore Park Gardens, Hugo St or Thurlow St, you can always count on us to arrive promptly. Whether it’s an emergency call out of repair or a convenient appointment of maintenance, we can send an experienced technician right away.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Redfern

We have more than 80 in-house professionals here which is more than enough to service Redfern and the surrounds anytime of the day. And because we’re quick and efficient we’re able to complete more jobs on a busy day. Because of our more than 15 years of professional experience in the field, we’re always quick and straightforward with the job.

We’re fast to figure out the root cause of weird smells and noises, leaks, weak airflow and other air conditioner problems. Whether it’s a problem with the compressor, filter, coils, outdoor unit or the wiring and electrical components, our licensed HVAC service technicians are always equipped to completely do the job. Same-day services are available and you can phone us anytime of the day or night. Many customers choose us because of our reliability and the certainty that comes with our promptness and the integrity of our work.

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735. The ACG Service & Maintenance will help restore the comfort levels in your home or place of business.