Is there a weird smell or noise coming out of your air conditioner? Do you suspect that the unit is not efficient anymore? Are you seeing leaks in the system?

Let the ACG Service & Maintenance quickly fix all that. No matter what time you call and wherever you are in Zetland we’re always just a phone call away (phone us at 02 8021 3735).

Air conditioning service Zetland 24/7

With more than 80 in-house professionals and 24/7 service availability, you can always count on us especially during those crucial and inconvenient times. We understand that any AC problem affects people’s sleep, productivity, mood, morale and overall health. Whether it’s at home or place of business, the AC should be running reliably and perfectly whenever the occupants need it.

Here our team will be quick to do the repair or maintenance. We will inspect, clean and repair whichever is causing the problem. We will clean the clogged filters to improve airflow and efficiency. We will check the compressor and coils and see if there’s something that needs to be fixed. We’ll also check the wiring and electrical components to ensure safety and functioning of the AC.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance 24/7

We have more than 15 years professional experience servicing both residential and commercial customers. They choose us because of our responsiveness and deep technical know-how about our work. We have the capability to service huge buildings and the responsiveness of being a business in the community.

We’ve witnessed how Zetland, Green Square and the surrounds have evolved through the years. We’ve also witnessed the increasing need for a reliable air conditioner service as more structures are being built. In response, we continuously update ourselves with the latest skills and industry standards in the field.

Phone us now at 02 8021 3735 and we’ll be quick to arrive whether you are near the Green Square railway station, Joynton Ave, Portman St, Matron Ruby Grant Park, Woolworths or Elizabeth St. The ACG Service & Maintenance will rapidly take action so that you can feel the comfort and peace of mind again.