What Causes the Weird Noise in My Air Conditioner?

It could be because of the malfunctioning compressor, refrigerant leak or a loose part. In other words, any malfunction can compromise the entire unit because all parts should work together. If something’s wrong, it’s just a symptom to hear the weird noises whenever the air conditioner is running.

What causes the weird noise in my air conditioner?

Leaks, malfunctions and loose parts are the common causes. If there’s a loose part, unnecessary friction happens or other parts start to work harder which then results in an unusual sound. Malfunctions can also be derived from the loose parts and unnecessary friction and movement. Leaks can also cause the noise because of the extra power needed by the unit to work.

Only a qualified technician can pinpoint the problem. Remember, the weird noise is most probably just a symptom of something more serious, such as when we get a fever. The fever is often only a symptom because the human body is fighting an infection. It’s also the body’s way to tell us something is wrong. In air conditioner units, the noise is their way of telling something’s wrong with the compressors or other parts.

To pinpoint the real problem, the qualified technician might start with the most common causes such as loose parts. Aside from the training and experience, qualified technicians use a detailed checklist so that they can cover everything. Air conditioning is a specialised field, which is why it’s now heavily regulated. But even with the training, experience and qualification, a checklist is still crucial just as how surgeons and pilots refer to checklists during routine tasks and emergencies.

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