When Do I Repair My Air Con?

It can be frustrating when something is not working correctly within your air conditioning, especially during warm Summer nights. There are several tell-tale signs that indicate your air con needs service work done and it is always good practice to trust your instincts when you think something is amiss. Air conditioning units are generally protected by warranty for five years, however should last longer. (We actually place so much trust in our stock that we extend the five-year warranty for free for our clients.) If your ac unit is within this stage of its lifespan and something isn’t right, or if it’s the first, second or third time something has gone, regardless of your air conditioner’s age, call the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance for a rapid callout and fix. We list some common problems below to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your problem is solvable.

Heating or Cooling Problems

So, you’ve noticed that your aircon unit isn’t producing air to the degree you have set the unit to. This could result from either faulty components or empty refrigerant and can be a difficult problem to fix for anyone but the professionals. Our rapid call-out rates and tenure in the industry give us the capacity and skills, respectively, to handle any broken-down air conditioner unit that isn’t producing air flow at the correct temperature.

Unseasonably Expensive Utility Bill

You might notice that, despite keeping the air conditioning on for the same hours each day, your quarterly electricity bill is more expensive than usual. Assuming you haven’t installed any new appliances, this inefficiency is probably contained in your air conditioning unit. Air con is the greatest consumer of electricity out of any household appliance, so it makes sense that discrepancies in your utility bill are manifesting in the unit. The reasons for the problem are all easily solvable by an expert at the Air Con Guys, and could include build-up in the filters, build-up elsewhere in the unit or faulty electrical components. Either way, within a 30-90-minute window we’ll have inspected the problem and installed a solution.

Symptoms of Sickness Around the Home

If you or someone you live with is becoming sick for no discernible reason, it may be due to build-up of moisture in the air conditioning that has proliferated growth of mould or other bacteria. In this instance, particles of mould travel through the air via the air conditioning and can become caught in the lungs of a resident, causing sickness where none should be present. These sorts of problems can be identified by moisture leaking from the air conditioning or visible mould. If you spot a problem of this nature, don’t delay and call the Air Con Guys Repair & Maintenance today for a professional ac cleaning service. We’ll use industrial products to clean out any and all traces of organic life in your air con and tighten up any components that have caused the initial leak.

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