Why You Should Always Employ AC Professionals

Air conditioning supply can break at any time, and it may be tempting in this situation to contact a handyman or ‘jack-of-all-trades’ to take a quick look at it. While this will probably be a cheaper alternative to paying a professional, there are numerous reasons why this isn’t good practice in any trade, let alone in the air conditioning industry.

Unlicensed tradesmen are only legally allowed to trade in parts or contracts valued at less than $5,000. With most split system air conditioning units valued at more than this sum, it’s technically illegal for unlicensed technicians to work on your site in most circumstances. What’s more, employing a handyman to look at your air conditioning unit could void your manufacturer’s warranty. If something more serious breaks down and you need a professional, you will have to pay the total cost of repairs and time because you voided the warranty.

Secondly, refrigerants used in air conditioning frameworks are classified as dangerous materials by the Australian Refrigeration Council, who, along with the Australian Government, only permit trained and licensed professionals to handle these materials. Strict safety regulations exist when it comes to handling the refrigerant used in air con supply, so to remain compliant, only employ those who have been certified to carry out any work involving air conditioning thermal regulation and refrigerant.

Last and of foremost importance, an untrained air conditioning technician may actually manifest more harm than good to your air conditioning. He probably won’t charge you in this circumstance (though, some may try!), but the cost of additional repairs on top of the original problem will seriously put you out of pocket and ruin the peace of mind usually sustained by the gentle breeze of your home or commercial air conditioning. Any professional will be insured in their work, so, in the event of an unavoidable catastrophe, you, your home and your ac unit will be protected against damage financially. Handymen won’t be able to offer insurance on any air conditioning service undertaken in your home or business.

Hiring an expert eliminates most of the risks associated with air con repair and maintenance. Always hire a business like the Air Con Guys Service & Maintenance – someone who displays their credentials in all advertising and consequently shows you that they’re trained and willing to follow all regulations, especially the handling of refrigerant. Ask to see certification from the Australian Refrigeration Council to make sure your ac contractor is qualified to perform what it is he says he will do.

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